9th November 2017 (Thursday)
08:00-09:00 Registration

Inauguration Function
Chairman : YBhg Dato (AMB) Mohd Yusoff A. Bakar

Inauguration by:
Datuk Dr Hjh Bibi Florina Abdullah

Key note address
Prof. Dr. Mohamad Rom Bin Tamjis

10:00-10:30 Tea Break

Session I : Contemporary Healthcare

Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Lee Siew Hoon
Co Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Santhna Letchmi Panduragan

Speaker 1:
Transforming Learning Landscapes for Generation Y and Beyond
Assoc. Prof. Zahrah Saad

Speaker 2:
Need for Transforming Nursing Education & Nursing Care Delivery
By Prof. Dr. N. V. Muninaryanappa

Speaker 3:
Reflections of Health Professional Education
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Robert Leo Burton

Speaker 4:
Problem Based Learning Vs Case Study Presentation” Which is more effective?
Prof. Dr. (Mrs.) Bharti. M

13:00-14:00 Lunch & Exhibition Viewing

Session II : Contemporary Healthcare

Chairman: Prof. Dr. N. V. Muninaryanappa
Co Chairman: Dr Mohd Goussuddin

1 Knowledge and Attitude of the Nurses on Pain Management in Private Hospital Rosnida Abu Bakar
2 Baby Blues Screening on Post-partum Mother by Comparing EPDS and PHQ-9 Methods for Health-care Service and Public Applications in Lubuk Buaya Community Health Care Padang City, Indonesia Desi Sarli ,
Titin Ifayanti
3 Relationship Between the Knowledge on Self-Efficacy During Counseling and Stoma Site Marking for Patients Undergoing Stoma Surgery in ETNs Aulia Putri,
Debie Dahlia,
Riri Maria,
Ratna Sitorus
4 The Influence of Self Emotion Freedom Technique (SEFT) Therapy Toward Smoking Behavior Among Adolescent Ade Sriwahyuni,
Liza Merianti,
Dona Amelia
5 Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus among Healthy Individuals in Tigo Baleh and Rasimah Ahmad Area in Bukittinggi. Dona Amelia,
Dewi Kurniawati
6 Investigating the Ethical and Social Considerations in Technological Advances and Manufacturing of Medical Devices S Chowdhury
7 The Effect of Temulawak (Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Or Javanese Ginger) on the Breast Milk Production of Post Partum Mothers at Bpm Ningsih Tawangmu Endah Widhi Astuti ,
Bambang Yunianto ,
Sri Sugiyartiningsih
8 Barriers in Obtaining Primary Healthcare Services from Public Clinics by Non-Citizens in Malaysia Maryam Sohrabi,
Ahmad Farid Osman,
9 Implementation of Innovative Nursing Care Program for Relieving Discomfort in Mechanically Ventilated Patients: An Exemplar in Practice Junaidy Suparman Rustam,
Wilaiwan Nudang,
Rajkumari Jugjali and Waraporn Kongsuwan
15:30-16:00 Tea Break

Session III : Open paper session : Contemporary Healthcare

Chairman: A/P Dr Datin Hafizah Che Hassan
Co Chairman: Dr. Asita Elengoe

1 The Development of Concept Mapping Care Plan for Utilized at the Clinical Practices Rusnani Ab Latif,
Akehsan Dahlan,
Zamzaliza Abdul
Mulud, Mohd Zarawi
Mat Nor
2 Related Factors to Sepsis Neonatorum for Newborn in Hospital Deswita, Febriyanti,
R.T, & Sirait, N.A
3 Barrier Factors of Premarital Health Screening Implementation in Indonesia Rumaisha Milhan,
Retno Astuti,
Muhammad Ishaq
4 Health care givers’ knowledge of pressure ulcer prevention Yufitriana Amir,
Yesi Hasnely
5 Stress and Physio-Psycho-Social Symptoms among a Public Universiti Nursing Student During Clinical Posting Fatimah Sham,
Siti Munirah Abdul Wahab,
Nor Afizah Ramli,
Norlia Anuar, &
Wan Izzatul Huda Wan Hassan
6 Finding the Best Type of Nutrition Information Label for Indonesian Kartika Pratiwi,
Vina Aulia Fitriani,
Yuniar Sinta Dewi,Dinda Nadia,
Putri Bungsu
7 Relationship Analysis Performance Assessment Based on Personal Balance Scorecard With Nurses Job Satisfaction Liza Merianti,
8 Integrated Assessment of Readiness Universitas Indonesia Hospital to be an Educational Global Green and Health Hospital Retno Astuti,
Rumaisha Milhan,
Muhammad Ishaq
9 Analysis Spatial Distribution of Leprosy in Indonesia Muhamad Riski,
Amiati Silitonga,
and Uswatul Laili
10 Assessing Effectiveness of Acupressure Massage on Lower Arm Nerves Using Electromyography (EMG) Mispan Mangona ,
Abdul Hafidz Omar b ,
Muhammad Amir As’ari,
Najeb Jamaludin
11 Respiratory tract infection treatment education for community informal health care givers during Indonesia's forest fire calamities Yufitriana Amir,
12 Prevalence and Perceived Causes of Unreporting Medication Error Among General Ward Nurses in A Public Hospital Selangor Fatimah Sham ,
Siti Munirah Abdul Wahab,
Hapesah Mohamed Sihat ,
Haznizan Abdullah Nazri , &
Aida Juliana Mohamad Amyah
13 Barrier Factors of Occupational Health Efforts Programs Implementation in Informal Sector Workers in Indonesia Restu Bagus Riyanto,
Rumaisha Milhan,
Muhammad Ishaq
14 Nutritional Status And Quality of Life In Elderly Kurniawati D., Dewi, A
10th November 2017 (Friday)

Session IV :
Advances in Medical Sciences and Technological implications

Chairman: Dato' Dr Marzukhi bin Md. Isa
Co Chairman: Dr Bapi Gorain

Speaker 1:
The Mini Caldwell Luc Procedure – Old Wine In A New Bottle
Prof Ranjan Raychowdhury

Speaker 2:
In Flight Health Issues and Regulation
Dr. Jayanta Das, Dr. Krishnendu Mukherjee

Speaker 3:
Spices and Medicinal Importance
Dr. Amit Kr De

10:00-10:30 Tea Break

Session IV : (Contd.)

Chairman: Dr Amit K Dey
Co Chairman: Prof. Dr Ranjan Roychowdhury

Speaker 3:
Application of Biotechnology to Improve Cellular Growth & Development and Biosynthetic Competency
Assoc Prof. Dr Norihan Mohd Mohd Saleh

Speaker 4:
Adaptive Trials on Seaweed Cultivation in Bangladesh Coast
Prof. Abdul Aziz


Session VI :
Open paper session

Chairman: Assoc Prof. Dr Norihan Mohd Mohd Saleh
Co Chairman: Dr Intan Suriya

1 Mycelia Growth of Pleurotus pulmonarius in Different Physicochemical Conditions Farhat A. Avin,
Nabeela Ilyas
2 Oxidative Stress Injury And Fibrinogen Levels As Indicators of Severity of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Aung Myo Oo,
Ohn Mar Lwin,
Sowmya Sham Kanneppady,
Sham Kishor Kanneppady
3 Evaluation Risk of Fire Hazards And Explosion at Tanks of Hydrogenation Process Reactors (H501 A And H501 B Arif Jauhari,
Budi Pramono,
Lesdy Dahlia
4 Moringa oleifera Leaves Protein Isolated from Mataram and Madura, Indonesia: Predicted on Its Molecular Mechanism using in Silico Study Ariana Listuhayu Wahyuni,
Farahdita Devi Masyitoh
5 Lipid Peroxidation: A Biomarker of Oxidative Stress in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Priyanka Biswas,
Prashanta Bhattacharya,
Madhusnata De
6 Stretching Protocol in the Management of Chronic Disabling Plantar Fasciitis Meneka Naidu Mohnaraju
12:30-14:30 Prayer Time - Lunch Break & Exhibition Viewing

Session VI :
Open paper session

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Ahmad Bin Mahmud
Co Chairman: Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz

1 Management of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease using Lifestyle Interventions Idris Adewale Ahmed,
Maryam Abimbola Mikail
2 Evaluation of Role of Superoxide Dismutase in Non-Toxic Thyroid Nodules. Sohini Chakrabarti,
Madhusnata De
3 A Review on Chitosan: Ecofriendly Multiple Potential Applications in the Food Industry Safaa Abdel- Aleem
Mohammad El- Aidie
4 Practical Analysis for the Affecting Cyber Service Quality on the Players Loyalty towards Cyber Service Providers: Case Study in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam Nguyen Nguyen Dang,
Ali Abdulbaqi Ameen Ali
5 Paradigm Shift: Focusing on Plant-Based Natural Antimicrobials Maryam Abimbola Mikail,
Idris Adewale Ahmed
6 Hyperthermia Approach in Cancer Treatment Asita Elengoe and
Salehhuddin Hamdan
7 Relationship between Potassium Blood Levels with The Sniffing Habit of Street Children at Bina Insani Mandiri Home Shelter Depok Indonesia. Ellis Susanti,
Andis Listyantanti
8 Multilevel Training on Childhood Cancer: Effectiveness of the Master Training to Increase Medical Staff’s and Cadre’s Knowlegde of Childhood Cancer Early Detection Ajeng Tias Endarti
9 Patient Satisfaction Towards The Health Tourism In Malaysia Farzana Yasmin
10 Knowledge and Awareness on Healthcare Management Among Health Science Students at Asia Metropolitan University Noor Adilah Mohammad Othman,
Jegathambigai Reshmawar Naidu
11 Isolation and Antibiotic Sensitivity Screening of Pseudomonas Species From Soil Abdalati I A Aljondi
12 Effectiveness of Complete Decongestive Therapy Intervention Adjacent to Aerobics in Postoperative Complications of Breast cancer. Ravi Kumar Katta
13 Cumin: An Ancient Antimicrobial Spice D. Bose
14 Fungal Biofilms and Invasive Mycoses: Clinical Implications in Pathogenesis and Drug Resistance Niranjan Nayak
15 Effect of Rehabilitation Program on Functional Outcome in Patients with Burn Injury Salwa A. Mohammed
16 Strategy Development of effective Communication execution: ISBARQ through based Video Learning for Nurses at Medan Private Hospital 2017 Roymond H. Simamora
17 Incidence of Pneumonia in Children With Nutritional Status Normal, Got Breast Milk Exclusively, Got Immunisations in the City of Metropolitan Diah Ayu Agustinand
Silvana Evi Linda

Valedictory Session Vote of thanks

Haji Mansor J A Fenner & Dr Sandeep Poddar

17:00 Tea Break and Disperse